Webinar: Advertising to Homeowners in a
Mobile World

Advertising on Google... Do you have it mastered? With all the major changes that Google has made in the past year to its advertising and organic search, it could seem difficult to keep up. Don't forget... the world is mobile... mobile... mobile... and homeowners are no exception.

So, you must ask yourself, how can the recent changes to Google and mobile advertising translate to more leads, appointments and sales?

Join MarketSharp and...

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Keyword Connects Webinar with the Home Improvement Research Institute

Todd Bairstow recently presented to HIRI members on “Emerging Online Lead Generation Trends for Home Improvement Businesses.” Key take-a-ways from his presentation include:

Mobile phones are rapidly changing the way homeowners search and respond
Desktop and mobile searches can lead to in-person visits
The importance of offline response contributes to online success
Landing pages and response paths should differ based on device...

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How Tiered Financing Wins You More Leads

The best card you can have in any hand of poker is a wild card. It can turn an ordinary hand into a flush, a full house or even a straight. Once you have that wild card in your hand, you can make bigger, better bets. You can play to win.

In the home improvement business too, wild cards are often the key to winning over a prospect.

Even with the recession being over, many homeowners are still hesitant to throw down thousands on a home...

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Love Your Customers, Boost Your Profits

On Cheers, the ingredient for success was laid out clearly: "You want to be where everyone knows your name." Over the years, a cast of characters became unlikely friends, slowly building relationships that made them feel supported and accepted.

And who wouldn't want that? Whether you're hanging out in a Boston bar or replacing your roof, it feels good to be appreciated.

But Cheers was more than a successful TV show - it also the right idea...

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Webinar: “5 Myths That Are Costing Your Home Improvement Business Money”


Todd Bairstow, Founder of Keyword Connects and Brian Kaskavalciyan, Owner of gFour Marketing, will teach you how these myths are costing you money:

Paid search is easy to do
My website is already optimized
Online listings will make the phone ring
Negative online reviews hurt sales
Any lead that doesn't sell is a waste of time and money

Click here now to join us on May 9th at 11...

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Join Us For Rick Grosso’s “Mastering Your Home Improvement Company”

Spend May 11th and 12th with us at the BWI Marriott Baltimore to learn how to:

1.    Think outside the box
2.    Out strategize your competition
3.    Motivate your managers correctly
4.    Set smart goals
5.    Become a pro home improvement business

One past attendee said:

“What a difference a day makes! You are truly the King Of Sales. My sales team can’t stop talking about you and the inspiration put in...

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Rodney Webb’s Executive Conference 2017

Keyword is proud to sponsor Rodney Webb's Executive Conference taking place at the Hilton Atlanta from April 24th to the 27th.

This action packed event's agenda will include:

Managing and directing the Rodney Webb System
Learning how to master key industry metrics
New technology to accelerate your company's success
Presentations from multiple industry leaders

To learn more about the Rodney Webb system, visit his...

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Traffic Jam: How the Origin of Your Website Visitors Affects Lead Generation

Ah, traffic. Varieties range from bumper to bumper, stop and go, rush hour, gridlock, and if you're lucky - light to no traffic. It seems like everywhere we go, there are people racing to the same destination, or crossing our path on the way to their destination.

Online traffic is no different. Every person who visits your website is on a journey, though not all of them may have a destination in mind. Visitors falls into 1 of 5 categories of...

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Free Tickets:
Tony Hoty’s Lead Generation Seminar

Attendees will learn from industry experts how to:

Uncover the secrets that will have your company on top with Google
Realize the power of publicity in building your local company brand
Acquire the skills to generate leads with effective nurturing campaigns

Join us on May 3 - 4, 2017 at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Westlake, Ohio.

Click here for more information and to...

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