Keyword Connects to Sponsor Rick Grosso’s Lead & Marketing Seminar

Keyword Connects is sponsoring Rick Grosso’s Lead & Marketing Seminar, November 2-3 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at the Los Angeles, CA airport.

To compete and prosper in today’s market, home improvement companies need to connect with homeowners online. Getting real sales leads—homeowners who convert—at the right price, is key to growing your business.

Join top home improvement consultants and lead experts, Rick Grosso, Todd...

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How To: Generate More Sales Leads From Google’s Latest Update

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Have you heard of Possum?

No, not the tree-dwelling Australasian marsupial.

I'm referring to Google's significant local search algorithm update early last month.

Google's new Possum Update directly impacts how home improvement businesses rank in Google's Local Pack.

Google's Local Pack is the map that displays following a search, accompanied by three (free) listings from local companies. See example at right on a search for "gutter...

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Todd Bairstow to Present on Lead Generation Myths at Hardscape North America

Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow will be speaking at Hardscape North America on Thursday, October 20 on the topic, "Six Lead Generation Myths That Cost Residential Hardscape Companies Money."

The Internet has become an important launching point for homeowners beginning home improvement projects. They search Google, Yahoo and other sources for companies that can help them. But from the standpoint of these companies, connecting with those...

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Smartphones & Marketing: Together Forever

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"Mobile marketing is here, and it's taking over home improvement."

As a man who prefers his laptop, that's a difficult statement to write. But you can't deny reality (unless you're running for president...both parties included).

I could cite you facts and figures about homeowners using smartphones more and more to research home improvement solutions. However, I figured you'd really like me to share the results of a couple of real paid...

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More Leads Through Google’s New Local Pack Ads

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Google is keeping me on my toes. But this time, they're also answering one of my oldest prayers.

By the end of this year, Google will introduce "Local Pack ads" to their search results pages. At first glance, this may not seem like a big deal..."Google's putting more ads on its pages - so what?"

But these Local Pack ads are more than what they may seem. They offer fresh opportunity for home improvement companies to garner additional...

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Todd Bairstow Will Cover the Realities of Online Reviews at the HIRI Fall Conference

Home improvement companies often take exception to the unfiltered and unedited reviews that are actively published on the web. But there is a deeper set of behaviors behind online reviews that are often ignored by marketing teams and company owners.

At the 2016 HIRI Fall Insights Conference in Chicago, Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow will be presenting, "Reality Check: Online Reviews for Home Improvement Companies," during which he will...

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Home Improvement Lessons From Yahoo’s Downfall

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Unless you've been living under a rock, you now know that Verizon is buying Yahoo.

You don't have to be all that old to remember that - before Google was a verb - Yahoo was the Internet's king of search. But as a result of strategic errors - missteps that home improvement companies can learn from - Yahoo lost ground and ultimately succumbed to more nimble alternatives.

What happened? And why? It's...

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Todd Bairstow Discusses How Reviews and Search Engine Rankings Have More Impact Than Social Media in Walls & Ceilings Magazine

You’ve heard all of the hype. Everyone’s on Facebook and Pinterest and Instagram. There’s Tweeting going on everywhere, but not a bird in the sky. And something called Snapchat where messages disappear...but you might be able to advertise there?

The sound and fury over social media can be overwhelming. Consultants, agencies and marketing types of all stripes are asking for you to spend your dollars on this exciting and overwhelmingly...

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What’s Next for Angie’s List?

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We now live in a world in which curiosity is limited only by how fast you can type. That leaves homeowners with little patience for restricted access to the information they want.

Faced with this trend, Angie's List - a Web site known by homeowners and home improvement companies alike - changed its sales model. Ratings and reviews of verified contractors are now free for homeowners to browse.

Prior, Angie's List relied on a...

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What is the Reality of Social Media? Todd Bairstow Addresses This Topic in Window and Door Magazine.

We all know that social media is massively popular, but is it the best marketing option for your business?

For many years, getting likes and shares and adding friends or followers to your company’s social media pages was a common tactic. But getting homeowners to connect with contractors online is much harder than most can imagine. Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow discusses this topic in an article for Window and Door magazine.

To read his...

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