Is Your Lead Gen Ready For… The Next Recession?


Right now, the economy is doing well. Stocks are up and unemployment is down.

However, recessions typically occur every 5-8 years and it's been almost 8 since the Great Recession ended in 2009. Since the 1850's, this is the 4th largest expansion ever and... what goes up has to come down.

Will your home improvement company be ready for the next economic downturn?

Join us for a live webinar...

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Todd Bairstow Speaking at Accelerate 2017 Live

Home improvement companies:  Will 2017 be the tipping point where you accelerate your business success?

To help companies achieve this, Accelerate 2017 Live, being held February 22 in Malvern, PA, will provide insight into how businesses can create more leads, sales and profits this year. Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow will be speaking at the event, sharing his recommended strategies and tactics. To learn more, visit Accelerate...

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Todd Bairstow to Present at BuildingEnergy Boston

Do you work at a solar business and want to learn more about bolstering lead generation and sales?

Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow will be participating on a panel at BuildingEnergy Boston where he’ll discuss online marketing for solar businesses.

Specifically, Todd will address how homeowners and consumers are really behaving online and how solar businesses can leverage that behavior to grow sales through online lead generation....

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What Superbowl 51 Teaches Us About Lead Gen

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Winning the Superbowl takes a lot dedication, support and cooperation. You have to trust your teammates. You have to manage time. You have to communicate.

Sound familiar? Well, it should. The perfect sales team and the perfect football team have a lot in common. And like Tom Brady or Matt Ryan, your sales reps are only as good as their latest play.

So when a prospect flakes on you, it may feel like your reps are throwing...

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Five Online Marketing Trends:
Window & Door

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As homeowners flock to the web from their desktops and, increasingly, their mobile devices, to research companies, products and contractors, will your business be one they consider? In a piece for Window & Door Magazine, Todd Bairstow discusses five online marketing trends that window and door replacement businesses should take into account for effectively reaching prospects and driving leads. To read the article, click...

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Google’s ‘Cannonball’ Makes Waves in the Pool and Spa Industry

In 2016, Google made some subtle yet significant changes that will impact the pool and spa industry. All of these shifts impact how - and more importantly if - a business may be found online by prospects and customers.

Addressing these Google “bombs” is the first step to making sure your business can capitalize when homeowners are searching for spa and pool providers. Since many companies rely on Adwords to bring in qualified leads,...

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The Home Improvement Futurist – Part 2

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Part 1 of this installment may have left you with a nagging question. How exactly are home improvement companies supposed to make sales without an in-home visit? It seems impossible.

But for some products, it's a lot more possible than you might think. Here are a few ways companies are re-imagining the in-home visit.

How to Pitch to Someone Who Doesn't Want to See You

In the coming years, sales reps will need to pitch to homeowners who...

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Founder of Keyword Connects Online Advertising Interview with improveit 360

Occasionally, we get a chance to talk to our friends in the industry about topics that are important to home pros. Recently, we sat down with Todd Bairstow, founder of Keyword Connects, to talk about the complexities of online marketing for home improvement companies.

According to a recent survey by Qualified Remodeler, one of the top challenges for 25% of home improvement companies is generating leads for new business. Despite a good...

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The Home Improvement Futurist:
Eliminating the In-Home Visit PART 1

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In 1985, Marty McFly saw the future and it was strange. Now, we live in that future. Drones buzz above our heads, we have handheld tablet computers and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

What Marty didn’t see was how the future would look for home improvement companies. Now, at the very beginning of 2017, it’s my turn to look into the future in both PART 1 and PART 2 of this post.

Specifically, I want to address the future of the...

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Todd Bairstow to Speak on Lead Generation Myths at the 2017 Pool & Spa Show

The Internet has become an important launching point for many homeowners beginning home improvement projects.  They search Google, Yahoo and other sources for ideas and ultimately for companies that can help them.  But from the standpoint of these companies, connecting with those homeowners is no easy task.  Generating online leads is confusing, time consuming and expensive.  Aggressive salespeople bombard these companies with opportunities...

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