Mobile-Friendly to Mobile-Forward:
The Race is on!

In 1973, the famous racehorse Secretariat won the Belmont Stakes championship, crossing the finish line mere seconds before the competition. In many ways, Secretariat’s win is very similar to the challenge of generating a home improvement lead. You can win or lose the race to victory in the blink of an eye.

This high stakes race to lead gen is due to the mobile search boom - homeowners now use their smartphones, not their computers, to...

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Keyword Connects Sponsoring Warrior Circle Mastermind Conference

Keyword Connects is proud to sponsor the CEO Warrior Circle Mastermind Conference. This exclusive event begins today and ends on June 15th.

Attendees will learn:

How to conquer limiting beliefs
Work on their business
Improve the bottom line
Stategize to learn how to dominate the market
Deep dive into what’s holding them back

Joshua Lowden, Director of Sales at Keyword Connects will be speaking on June 15th....

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Webinar This Week Featuring Todd Bairstow

Join MarketSharp and sponsor Qualified Remodeler for a webinar where Todd Bairstow, Partner at Keyword Connects, will look at how to drive profits through changes to Google and mobile advertising.
Thursday June 15th at 11:00 am EDT

Advertising on Google... Do you have it mastered? With all the major changes that Google has made in the past year to its advertising and organic search, it could seem difficult to keep up. Don't...

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Remodeling Magazine Feature:
The Future of In-Home Visits

What will selling residential home improvement services look like in the future?  In an article for Remodeling Magazine entitled, “The Future of In-Home Visits: Selling to Homeowners Who Don’t Want to See You,” Keyword Connects’ Todd Bairstow discusses how technology’s evolution is changing the sales pitch.

In the piece, he notes, “For decades, the ‘in-home’ demonstration has been a staple in the home improvement sales...

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Angie’s List & HomeAdvisor Merger:
Superhero or Supervillain?

Two superheroes are better than one. Isn't that how the Justice League was born? When Superman couldn't take care of something himself, Wonder Woman or Batman would swoop in and solve the problem at hand.

Right now in the home improvement industry, we are witnessing our very own Justice League moment. Angie's List and HomeAdvisor have merged to become ANGI Homeservices. With their union averaging at least 22 million monthly...

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Keyword Connects Sponsoring CCN Technology for Contractors Conference

Keyword Connects is proud to be a sponsor of the Certified Contractors Network Technology for Contractors Conference 2017. The conference brings together CCN contractors from across the country. The event will be taking place at the St. Regis Deer Valley Hotel, Park City, Utah on Monday, June 5th to Wednesday, June 7th, 2017.

Todd Bairstow, Founder of Keyword Connects will be addressing the conference on Tuesday, June 6th at 7:50...

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Webinar: Advertising to Homeowners in a
Mobile World

Advertising on Google... Do you have it mastered? With all the major changes that Google has made in the past year to its advertising and organic search, it could seem difficult to keep up. Don't forget... the world is mobile... mobile... mobile... and homeowners are no exception.

So, you must ask yourself, how can the recent changes to Google and mobile advertising translate to more leads, appointments and sales?

Join MarketSharp and...

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Keyword Connects Webinar with the Home Improvement Research Institute

Todd Bairstow recently presented to HIRI members on “Emerging Online Lead Generation Trends for Home Improvement Businesses.” Key take-a-ways from his presentation include:

Mobile phones are rapidly changing the way homeowners search and respond
Desktop and mobile searches can lead to in-person visits
The importance of offline response contributes to online success
Landing pages and response paths should differ based on device...

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How Tiered Financing Wins You More Leads

The best card you can have in any hand of poker is a wild card. It can turn an ordinary hand into a flush, a full house or even a straight. Once you have that wild card in your hand, you can make bigger, better bets. You can play to win.

In the home improvement business too, wild cards are often the key to winning over a prospect.

Even with the recession being over, many homeowners are still hesitant to throw down thousands on a home...

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