Love Your Customers, Boost Your Profits

Grosso BlogOn Cheers, the ingredient for success was laid out clearly: “You want to be where everyone knows your name.” Over the years, a cast of characters became unlikely friends, slowly building relationships that made them feel supported and accepted.

And who wouldn’t want that? Whether you’re hanging out in a Boston bar or replacing your roof, it feels good to be appreciated.

But Cheers was more than a successful TV show – it also the right idea about service. Customers are more likely to return to a business that knows them personally and cares about their needs. They’re also more likely to refer their friends and family.

Repeat and referral business can be the bread and butter of your company with the right tools. I recently had a chance to talk to gFour Marketing, a company that specializes in relationship marketing. They help companies turn repeat and referral customers into profits through simple, easy to implement strategies.

Here are 4 tactics home improvement contractors can use to drive repeat and referral business:

  • Awareness. Maintaining communication through email campaigns and targeted advertising keeps your brand fresh in the customer’s mind.
  • Gifts. Show your appreciation with more than words. Customers will be more likely to remember you with cookies, thank you cards, gift cards and referral discounts.
  • Personalized Messaging. Knowing each customer’s purchase history, budget and needs is key to building long-term relationships.
  • Persistence. If you don’t make your customer relationships a priority, they will fall through the cracks. You have to keep at it.

gFour LogoImagine your client is a friend of yours. Would you do a favor for them and then never speak to them again? Of course not! With your customers, you just need to touch base in a way that makes sense to them. gFour recommends using email campaigns, newsletters, follow up texts and seasonal greetings.

The cost of maintaining a relationship is a lot less than losing a customer. Investing in your client relationships is a profitable growth strategy and will dramatically improve your online reputation. You will be known and remembered as a contractor that cares.

Decades from now, customers will likely forget the price tag, but they won’t forget how you made them feel. If they remember you fondly, that’s worth more than any advertisement.