Webinar This Week Featuring Todd Bairstow

Join MarketSharp and sponsor Qualified Remodeler for a webinar where Todd Bairstow, Partner at Keyword Connects, will look at how to drive profits through changes to Google and mobile advertising.

Thursday June 15th at 11:00 am EDT

Advertising on Google… Do you have it mastered? With all the major changes that Google has made in the past year to its advertising and organic search, it could seem difficult to keep up. Don’t forget… the world is mobile… mobile… mobile… and homeowners are no exception.

In This Session, You Will Discover…

  • What the Elimination of Right Side Ads Means for Advertising on Google
  • Should You Worry About Google’s Experiment with Local Packs?
  • How Expanded Text Ads Can Help Reach Homeowners
  • How to Outsmart ‘MobileGeddon’
  • Find Out How to Reach Every Customer, On Every Device
  • Much More!