The Five Online Metrics That Matter for Home Improvement Lead Generation

When it comes to online marketing, you’ve got so many performance metrics you can track. And so many “experts” telling you which ones are important.

The worst offenders? Companies that provide online marketing and lead generation services. They tout the “results” they’ll achieve on your behalf. Unfortunately, those results are often just the metrics that make them good, e.g. clicks, page views, and search rankings.

But what your home improvement company really needs is quite simple: leads, appointments and sales.

In this brief, revealing e-book, we consider five pairs of common online metrics. In each case, we explain why one matters. And why the other, at best, is misleading, and at worst, a colossal waste of your money and time.

Remember, before spending your precious marketing dollars to “boost the numbers,” make sure you’re boosting the numbers that really matter.

The Five Online Metrics That Matter for Home Improvement Lead Generation
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Five Ways to Make Online Reviews Really Work For You


Like it or not, online reviews are here to stay.

With just a few clicks, literally anybody can post a review that can impact your reputation and your sales.  And “anybody” includes angry customers, disgruntled employees and even hungry competitors.

Never before have business owners been so exposed to the whims of the public.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can – and you should – turn the power of online reviews to your advantage.  And doing this can have a significant positive impact on your company’s leads and sales.

In this e-book, we offer five specific recommendations to make online reviews work to your advantage.  Master them, and you’ll be on your way to tapping into a great new source of qualified, ready-to-buy homeowners.


Five Ways to Make Online Reviews Really Work For You
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6 Lead Generation Myths
That Cost You Money

Keyword Connects eBook – 6 Lead Generation Myths That Cost You MoneyYour home improvement company needs sales leads. Lots of them.

And with the explosion of the Internet over the past decade, online media have become a primary starting point for finding the leads you need.

But it’s not easy. In fact, getting online lead generation to really perform for your home improvement business can be confusing. And time-consuming. And expensive. And often completely unproductive.

To make matters worse, as the Internet matured, so did a system full of media sales hucksters, agency pretenders and virtual carnival barkers – all of whom are happy to promise “all the quality leads you need.” They’re mostly lying. Or ignorant. Or both.

Yes, they will spend your money and generate “impressions,” “events”, “conversions” and all sorts of other activity. But you don’t want impressions or activity for their own sake – you simply want great online sales leads!

That’s what this short e‐book is all about. Understanding how online lead generation works (and how it doesn’t), clarifying what’s really important and knowing enough about what really matters to push back against the endless onslaught of salespeople who hope to take advantage of your need for leads.

6 Lead Generation Myths <br>That Cost You Money
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