How to Become a Conversion Champion

In 1974, the world watched Muhammed Ali and George Foreman fight. The famous boxing event, known as “The Rumble in the Jungle,” was an exercise in endurance. A young Foreman throws hook after hook, and you think he’s going to win. At the last moment, Ali lands a knockout punch and Foreman is down for the count.

Paid search campaigns often face the same challenge as The Rumble in the Jungle – you have to know if you should keep throwing hooks like Foreman or wait for the perfect opportunity to knock out a conversion like Ali.

Just like in boxing, it depends on who’s in the ring. Here’s how you can know when and where to hit your paid search campaigns hard, so you can minimize meaningless clicks and maximize revenue-boosting conversions.

Setting up the Fight: Clicks vs Conversions

When a homeowner searches for a home improvement service on Google, they’ll see your ad within the results. If your ad interests them or grabs their attention, they’ll click.

By themselves, clicks don’t mean much (except that you’re spending money). They’re a lot like throwing empty punches. When those clicks lead to a homeowner calling or submitting a form – that’s when you make contact. It’s called a conversion and it’s a vital step to generating more profitable sales.

Staying Strong in Every Round

Fortunately, paid search is more of a controlled environment than the boxing ring. We have the data to know when conversion rates will soar and fall. Here’s an example:



The red arrows show that conversions dip for interior remodeling during the beginning of vacation season and the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Homeowners aren’t usually online looking for services during these times, but instead are spending time with their families.

The first green arrow shows the highest conversion rate falls around tax time – this is no coincidence. Across the board, more conversions occur when homeowners have extra money in their pockets. The second green arrow signals a dramatic uptick for interior products around the new year. This could be the result of New Year’s resolutions – homeowners want to accomplish projects they’ve been meaning to take care of.

Creating a Plan of Attack

The good news is you can make the most of these seasonal fluctuations. By adjusting your bidding strategy during holiday lulls, you can maximize conversions and minimize cost.

Remember – it’s not about the clicks, it’s about the clicks that turn into leads. Home improvement needs and conversions ebb and flow, but you have to roll with the punches. Focus on that and you’ll be a winner every time you enter the ring.