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Quality Cabinet Refacing Leads Boost Major West Coast Kitchen Remodeler

Our client already had a strong presence in the highly-competitive West Coast kitchens market. But with the economy on the rebound and homeowners rushing to renew their homes, the client was looking to increase its market share in a booming market. They needed more leads. They needed a stronger online program. They needed the team at Keyword Connects to help drive the leads they need to feed their strong in-home sales team,

“Our market is extremely competitive. But we knew that also meant a lot of opportunity for us to grow our market share through an increased number of leads. We were looking for a no-nonsense program that just generated quality leads. It sounds simple, but hadn’t been. Keyword Connects was different because all they did was focus on online leads.”


Working with Keyword Connects

Putting a program into the market with Keyword Connects was very simple. A couple of phone calls and some brand assets were all they needed to get a campaign up and live in the matter of a few weeks. The client didn’t have to execute on any media buys, or any complicated site-building. That’s Keyword Connects’ strength – knowing precisely what needs to be done to penetrate a competitive market for cabinet refacing and kitchen remodeling.

“Like any home improvement company, we had limited resources and time to devote to our online program. That’s what made this so easy – Keyword Connects does everything – and then just delivers lead after lead. Their reporting makes it simple to understand ROI every month, a real bonus for our over-worked marketing team.”

Leads that Drive Sales that Drive ROI

After working with Keyword Connects for more than a year, the client’s results from the Keyword Connects program speak for themselves:

  • Appointment Set Rate with Keyword Connects = is 16.1% better than all other leads
  • Close Rate in the Home with Keyword Connects = is 14.4% better than all other lead channels
  • Marketing Costs Per Sale = better than 84% of our other lead sources

“We use dozens and dozens of lead sources. Keyword Connects has been a real bright spot with their online program. They understand more than just the online word – they understand how the online world needs to perform in our call center and with our sales team. Their approach and results have been head and shoulders above the rest.”


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