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Keyword Connects Generates Profits for 10th-Largest Home Improvement Company

When 1-800-HANSONS (Hansons), a large remodeling company with seven locations throughout Michigan and Ohio, was looking to boost their online lead generation efforts, they found Keyword Connects. Though they were already running a fairly sophisticated online program, Hansons’ marketing team felt that they could generate more Internet leads with an expert online partner.

“We do a great job of driving online leads, but we continually test new opportunities, and felt that Keyword Connects’ exclusive sales leads could grow our marketing pipeline.”

Working with Keyword Connects

rg11Hansons is a leader in window replacement and roofing, and has cultivated various lead generation channels across different media. With Keyword Connects, Hansons started with two territories – one where leads were relatively easy to generate and another where they weren’t.  They also tested with small monthly media budgets, and for one product only. As Keyword Connects produced strong results, Hansons’ marketing team expanded the Keyword Connects program to all seven of their locations and three product categories: windows, roofing and siding.

“We’ve tried many online lead sources and Keyword Connects’ program proved very early that it could produce good leads at an excellent cost per lead. Also, their metrics were very strong when we looked at Demo Rate, Close Rate and Average Job Size because Keyword Connects vetted homeowners more thoroughly.”

Strong Results, Strong ROI

After more than a year of working with Keyword Connects, Hansons has driven strong results through the program.

Hansons’ specific results with Keyword Connects’ leads:

Demo Rate = 76%

Close Rate in the Home = 46%

Marketing Cost Per Sale = 10%


“Keyword Connects has been a great lead generation partner; they help us hit our aggressive growth targets. The leads come in, they’re solid, and our sales team loves them. They’ve been a strong addition to our lead generation efforts.”


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