Our Technology

Two Integrated Platforms to Maximize Online Success

CLEARS and HOTS are essential, proprietary software applications that enable us to build and manage the sophisticated online customer acquisition campaigns we run for our clients.

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Campaign Lead Engine And Reporting System (CLEARS)

CLEARS is our proprietary lead management, distribution and reporting capability.

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CLEARS also gives you fingertip access to the status of the campaigns we run for you, and how they’re performing.

Hyperlocal Online Targeting System (HOTS)

Our unique HOTS platform makes hyperlocal online advertising possible.  Through HOTS, we create our data-intensive hyperlocal online advertising campaigns…with just a few keystrokes.

keyword_graphics-06Hyperlocal online advertising delivers:

  • 2X improvement in click-through rates
  • 30% – 40% lower costs-per-lead
  • 20% – 40% more leads per campaign