Keyword Connects Generates Bright Returns for Patio and Sunroom Company

Our client in the Southeast had a great sunroom business. But to grow further, they needed to take their online marketing game up several notches. That’s when they called the lead generation pros at Keyword Connects. After running many mediocre online campaigns over the years, their marketing team decided to go with proven experts in the sunroom and patio cover market.

“Over the years, we had tried to work with a number of online partners. They never understood our goals, they were never able to deliver the results we were looking for. We knew Keyword Connects had a great reputation and they had produced amazing results for our bath remodeling department, so we set up a test campaign…and it paid off immediately.”


Working with Keyword Connects

Like many other companies, our client was on the comeback trail with its sunroom and patio business. After weathering the residential turndown for half a decade, the sunroom and patio business was making a big comeback – this time with homeowners going online first to make decisions about their contractor. Keyword Connects joined their efforts to the online world, where they generated high-quality leads – immediately.

“We knew that our audience was online, but targeting them and converting that audience is a major challenge for any home improvement company. Keyword Connects knew how to zero in and turn that audience into real leads, who sat for quality sales appointments.”

The Proof is in the ROI

With more than a year’s worth of leads, appointments and sales behind them, Our client has generated some amazing results with Keyword Connects.

  • Appointment Set Rate with Keyword Connects = is 14.3% better than all other leads
  • Close Rate in the Home with Keyword Connects = is 16.7% better than all other lead channels
  • Marketing Costs Per Sale = better than 77% of our other lead sources

“Everyone always said their leads were solid, and we found them to be even better than that. We’re closing big ticket jobs regularly with Keyword Connects’ leads, including several that have topped the $50K mark. We couldn’t be happier with their program.”


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