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Large Northeast Roofing Company Nails Online Lead Generation with Keyword Connects

Our client serves the crowded Eastern Massachusetts territory. With more than 700 competitors in its market, they needed a lead generation advantage online.

Roof-HammerThey had tried many other lead providers, but without success.

That’s when they talked with Keyword Connects – which helped them drive high-quality sales leads in their competitive market.

Our client’s owner shared his thoughts with us:

“We had worked with a number of online lead providers before, and all made fantastic promises. But the quality of the leads they delivered was poor. We needed higher-quality opportunities.”

Joining the Program

At first, our client kept their media budget small for their Keyword Connects campaign, to assess how the leads performed. They were pleasantly surprised when lead after lead turned into issued appointments with qualified homeowners.

As the program continued to generate strong results, the company increased their media spend to boost lead volume for their growing sales team.

“After we saw the first batch of leads close, it became clear that we were leaving money on the table. So we increased our budget to a couple of times, until we found the right number of great leads to feed our team every month.”

Strong Results, Strong ROI

Nine months after launching with Keyword Connects, our client continues to see real results from its Keyword Connects campaign.

About The Numbers

“Our appointment set rate on our Keyword Connects leads is 12% better than those from our other sources.”

“Our close rate in the home with our Keyword Connects leads is 20% better than our other lead channels.”

“Our Marketing Cost Per Sale is better than 90% of our other lead sources.”


“It’s been a simple process. Keyword Connects identifies qualified homeowners who are looking for a new roof, and sends them our way. Our team of phone and sales pros does the rest. The relationship is exactly what we were looking for.”


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