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Finding Homeowners Through Online Advertising

Online advertising takes many forms.  It includes display ads and paid search, also known as pay-per-click or simply “PPC”.  Paid search is highly effective for home improvement companies – if done right.

Our secret sauce to do that is an integrated four-step process:


The prospects we connect you to are: 1) homeowners; 2) in your marketing territory; and 3) interested in buying products and services you sell.

What’s not to like?


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Are you already working with an online marketing company?

No problem! In fact, many of our clients engage us to run online advertising campaigns in parallel with their existing campaigns.

Through our powerful hyperlocal online advertising technology, we find our clients lots of ready-to-buy homeowners their other campaigns simply miss.  Sales opportunities that could otherwise go to their competition.

In fact, the more listings you have on Google, the more likely homeowners will click…and connect.

Don’t chance losing out on great selling opportunities.  We’ll connect you with the maximum number of homeowners searching online for the products and services you sell.

Our Call Center Means Immediate Hot Transfers

The telephone is key to success in the home improvement business.  Our clients know it, and we do, too.

Homeowners calling in through our lead generation campaigns speak with our call center agents.  These agents are our employees, based in the United States, and skilled in assessing all callers against our strict qualification criteria.

Our agents in turn hot transfer qualified callers direct to you – so you can immediately set appointments with them.  In fact, nearly half of the homeowners we connect you to will be as live telephone hot transfers.

Better Leads Through Hyperlocal Online Advertising

Most home improvement paid search advertising targets an entire area, such as “Eastern Massachusetts”.  Hyperlocal online advertising instead targets the individual cities and towns comprising that area:

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Why do we do this? Because the best online advertising is local online advertising.  Homeowners are significantly more likely to click and convert the more localized your advertising is. And that means higher click-through rates…and more leads.

In short, we find you interested homeowners your other advertising doesn’t.  Just think what you’ve been missing!